Quality craftsmanship speaks for itself.

It’s always been important to offer the best quality log work. How do we know we’ve succeeded?

a) Someone driving by stops the owner of a new log house from North American Log Crafters and asks “Who built your log home?” …then calls us to order one of his own!
b) Friends and family of a new log home owner are blown away by the impressive handcrafted log work and decide they want a custom log cabin too.
c) It’s not uncommon to have a client who loves his log cabin so much that he orders another one. And another.

We have a lot of client referrals and repeat customers

At North American Log Crafters we take pride in an understated approach, quietly staying true to a simple natural product and unparalleled craftsmanship. We’re more finesse than flash and we’ve been putting quality over quantity so long that it’s second nature. But occasionally you’ve got to put modesty aside!

Who will build your log dream home? It’s a big decision.

Custom Log HomesYou’ll put a lot of thought into this when you’re ready to build your custom log cabin. Serious log home fans spend time educating themselves about log home building techniques and log home builders. Before long you’ll know what log home style you’re looking for.

You want handcrafted log work.

Early pioneer log homes might have looked similar from a distance—or when they were first built, but over time some log cabins stayed strong and weathertight while others didn’t. This depended primarily on two factors:

1. The trees (building logs) available in the area
2. The skill and experience of the log builder

The quality of your new log home is determined by the same variables.

Modern log home builders have better access to a variety of logs than their early counterparts, but certain areas (like British Columbia, Canada) have a natural abundance of the preferred log species for luxury log homes and cabins: Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar. Our central log building yard, surrounded by these forests, is cost-effective for us –and for you.

But it’s not enough to be in the right place: you need to trust that your log builder has the experience necessary to select perfect house logs from all the harvested timber. Someone who knows what to look for…and what to look out for!

Perhaps the most important factor in the beauty and performance of your log home is the log builder’s skill. While many may learn the basics, few will stay with the trade long enough to be truly excellent.

What makes a log builder superior?

Patience, physical strength, attention to detail and a certain innate talent set a lifetime log-builder apart. This is “hands-on” work and you want to know that your log dream home is in the right hands.

We’re proud to offer you a team with over 20 years log building experience each. We’re not only proud of their workmanship and skill, we appreciate their devotion to their craft. And we’re grateful that they have chosen to dedicate their log building careers to one log builder: North American Log Crafters. These guys make it look easy…and they have fun doing it!

On top of all this, you’re guaranteed personal service throughout the entire process of planning and construction of your custom log home. Enjoy unlimited free consultation with an approachable professional who can answer all your questions. Why talk to a salesman when you could reach a friendly expert with over 40 years of experience in the log building industry?

We stick with the best traditional methods of customer service AND log building. Call it “old school!” 

So when the time comes to decide who’s going to build your log home, choose the winning combination of premium logs, the finest craftsmen and ongoing personal service. Contact us soon and we’ll help you get started!