Picture a log cabin.

What do you think of first? Cozy? Relaxing? Warm and welcoming? All of the above! 

Unlike a city home, your cabin is a place where you can get comfortable with your décor and creative with your design. Don’t worry what the neighbours think because they won’t be close enough to matter. Chances are, though, they’ll be hoping for an invitation from the minute they see the logs go up. There’s nothing more inviting than a log cabin home!

Log cabin life should be easy: and that means efficient, practical and effortless. Even simplicity takes a little planning, but you’ll be absolutely happy with the results!

What makes a log cabin homey?

1. At the top of the list is the obvious answer: the logs. Nature relaxes the mind and spirit…and logs deliver the restorative benefits of the forest right into your home! For the best results make sure you choose larger logs, hand-peeled rather than machine cut, so you can see and appreciate the shape of every tree. If you want a long-lasting, energy efficient log cabin, you simply cannot skimp on the quality of your logs!

2. Warmth. (Two kinds.) The ”warm in the winter, cool in the summer” effect of tight fitting, large diameter logs AND the visual warmth of natural wood inside and out. Quality craftsmanship and materials will be obvious from every angle!

3. A floor plan that works. It’s less about finding the right floor plan and more about knowing what changes you want to make any house plan truly your own. What do you do when you walk in the door? What’s the first thing you want when you get up in the morning? Keep everything handy! Modify a floor plan until you come up with a log cabin design that fits you like a glove.

4. Décor you adore! A log cabin is the perfect place to forget about trends and showcase timeless treasures like antlers, antiques, rustic furniture or vintage farm implements. Add texture with rugs, throws pillows and blankets.

5. Easy access outdoor spaces like your front porch or deck! Big windows and sliding doors let you open your living areas to the beauty of starry skies and summer nights.

6. Practical focal points like stone fireplaces or vintage wood stove designs become the center of comfy seating areas. Enjoy drinks with friends, peaceful evenings with a good book, or quiet romantic weekends with the one you love!

Natural wood and fine craftsmanship combine to create rustic luxury: the hallmark of the perfect log house. Creative floor plan designs make the most of every square foot: a little planning goes a long way for a customized log cabin home! Begin with top quality log work and finish with furnishings you love, and features that keep you comfortable!

Contact North American Log Crafters today and begin planning your own log cabin!