How has Covid-19 affected log home building at North American Log Crafters?

You probably spent more time at home this spring and had a chance to think of where you’d rather be. You might have wanted to trade your high-rise apartment for a custom log home or perhaps you pictured nature outside your door— rather than line ups of people.

If you’d prefer to hunker down in a log cabin home or rusticate in a luxury log lodge you might be wondering if your chances of finally building a log dream home have been affected by the global pandemic.

In our part of Canada, the log building industry has been lucky enough to stay operational: the coronavirus pandemic hasn’t stopped the chainsaws, drawknives and chisels. Handcrafted log construction carries on much as usual.

While no one expected 2020 to unfold like this, we’ve learned that log home living has been on the minds of many people while life as we knew it slammed into a wall.

We’re fortunate to be located in British Columbia (Canada’s most western province). Although BC had cases of Covid-19 early in the pandemic, health officials were able to test and isolate individuals quickly. Outbreaks predominantly affected long-term care homes with little community transmission. Overall numbers remained low.

The “lock-down” of British Columbia was much less restrictive than some places in Canada and other parts of the world. With gatherings of over 50 forbidden, households encouraged not to mingle, non-essential businesses closed and the 6’ physical distance rule applied everywhere, construction was still able to continue.

The outdoor and uncrowded nature of log building easily fits into the new reality. Our builders stay busy and our rural community has so far been able to avoid infection

Although (at the time of writing) the border between Canada and the United States remains closed for most purposes, work travel is permitted. Log home delivery will continue. Log home reassembly includes a small team of log building professionals who assist local workmen in the set-up of every log cabin. At the present, our log builders will continue to reassemble log homes as needed while following local health guidelines wherever they are.

We’re very grateful that our country life and handcrafted woodwork have been a haven of familiarity in a world full of crazy changes and we’d be happy to help you transition to a new log cabin lifestyle!

With foreign travel a big question mark, many people are exploring ways to enjoy the beauty of their own country. Now is the time for the log cabin home you’ve always wanted, the wilderness getaway where you can relax and be yourself again!